Keep up with changing consumers habits: Implement an eCommerce into your Business!


A common reason for going out of business these days is not doing so.

We will start with some numbers and statistics about online shopping in Canada and around the world. In 2019, Canadian Retail eCommerce reached CA$64.56 billion ($49.80 billion). That’s up 21.1% from last year and represented 10.0% of all retail sales.Worldwide, the total value of global retail eCommerce sales will reach $3.45 trillion by the end of 2019, up 19% over 2018. (Source: eMarketer)

Now, let’s talk about the main motives for people to shop online.

There’s nothing more convenient than buying your clothes, groceries, gadgets and even medication from the comfort of your home or office. You save time, gas money, parking fees and lots of stress by shopping online and that’s only half the benefits!

Plus, most online retailers offer free shipping, promotions and discounts to provide their consumers with exceptional online shopping experience, hassle-free.Online Consumers can track their orders, manage their returns online and re-order same products from their accounts, which makes the experience personalized.

From their end, retailers look trendier and more appealing to their customers. In addition, it is way less expensive to maintain an eCommerce than an actual retail store.

In the midst of this pandemic, people are less likely to feel safe shopping in crowded retail stores and more likely to adopt the online shopping style.
You as a business owner can reach your customers everywhere. While staying on top of your daily business operations.

More small businesses are pursuing the online market. Your competition is getting prepared to take their business to the next level. You should too. Invest in creating better online buying experiences for your customers.

We will help you in every step from the preparation, to the planning, launching, optimizing your eCommerce and maintaining it.

A whopping 95% of commerce transactions will happen online by 2040. (Source: NASDAQ)

In brief Online shopping is booming everywhere. The sooner you get started by launching your Online Store with Done WP the better.