5 Tips to Market your Restaurant online for a Better Visibility and Growth!

Restaurants business, where the competition is fierce and the customers are the pickiest. We will share with you few tips and tricks to improve your business in these hard times.


1. Your Website should be so inviting with pictures of the platters and drinks you serve, making people who check them out drool over their devices and want to visit your location as soon as possible.

Equally as important, is your WordPress Developer optimizing your site, both on-page and off-page SEO.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly, in addition to being appealing your website should be very responsive on mobiles since most people search for restaurants there. They should be able to easily browse your menu, book a table, load the images and so on.

2. Be Social! Instagram-able food is what you aim to reach, young generations love to share food posts and restaurants they go to all over their social media accounts, this is especially true for Instagram.

Emphasize on prizes, give-aways and free-invitations for customers who tag your restaurant, add specific hashtags and invite 50 of their friends to like and follow your social media accounts.

Be present and active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat to capture the most virtual customers that will eventually be paying customers.

This is a brilliant and economical Marketing Strategy!

3. Local Optimization, you can ensure your business is found in local online searches by creating a Google My Business account (GMB).

After doing so, your restaurant will appear in local searches.
Your GMB account will include details such as address, phone number, reviews from Google, Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor as well as hours of operation.
Make sure you input the correct info (Always up to date) there, since it affects your business. Nearly everyone will use google to check your business out!

4. Develop a Customer Database and engage your customers thru Loyalty Programs.
Using the available CRM tools, you can easily keep track of your loyal customers, by saving their information in your database, frequency of orders or visits to your restaurant, amount of dollars spent, preferred food.

Setting up promotions and offers based on points and dollars spent is a proven way to involve people to become more loyal to your brand.
They are choosing you over your competition, a loyalty program will retain them for a longer period of time while being satisfied.

This is the logic behind every successful loyalty program.  

“Food is not just eating energy it’s an experience” Guy Fieri

5. To create a great online user experience, you can ask your Web Developers to add the unique features to restaurants such as the option to book a table, to reserve an event or schedule food delivery through your website.

If you don’t offer delivery options an easier way would be to collaborate with UberEATS or Skip the Dishes to be more accessible to consumers who prefer their food delivered to their door steps especially during these times. 

To wrap it up, treat the online presence exactly as the in-person experience at your restaurant.

This will guarantee your website is always optimized and ready to deliver useful, relevant as well as a user and SEO-friendly experience.

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